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Jason Persaud

BioEnergetic Medicine Practitioner & BioHacker


About Jason

Jason’s mission is to simplify the complex reality that is the human body, by teaching individuals how to navigate through the layers of the human condition. Jason has the magical ability to hold space in a way that allows you to see clearly. He is an ex-bodybuilder who realized that fitness does not equal health and longevity after he became sick with a fungal (Candida) overgrowth that took over his gut and in turn, his mind. This propelled him out of the fitness world and into the quantum holistic health world in both his personal life and work life. He has an international practice, working with hundreds of clients to solve chronic pain points such as epstein bar virus, gut issues, skin issues, chronic pain, and autoimmune conditions. 

If the medical system says nothing is wrong with you or other natural options haven’t worked, then you're in the right place. Using bioenergetic medicine and a quantum health approach in order to assess the entire morphogentic field (mind, body, soul); Jason creates a step my step approach to move you in the direction of health and vitality. 

Suffering from chronic health issues? 
Symptoms that no one can seem to figure out? You’re in the right place.


Work with Me

How to Work With Me:


6 Month Peak Performance Coaching: Transform Your Health, Realize your Potential


3 day Bioenergetic Medicine Retreats: overhaul your entire Energetic System from a holistic approach


Excito Life Academy; Learn How to Become a Root Cause Quantum BioEnergetic Medicine Practitioner: expand your capacity to be of service and help others heal

Ready to change
your life?

Media & Podcats

Media & Podcasts

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